Il cellulare aumenta molto il rischio di cancro ?

Posted on febbraio 7, 2012


Secondo questo studio di Lennart Hardell e Kjell Hansson Mild, il cellulare se usato per ca. 1600 ore aumenta moltissimo il rischio di cancro sul lato nel quale è usato solitamente…

Ma perchè nessuno ne parla ?

Both studies showed a statistically significantly doubled risk for glioma at the same side as the mobile phone had been used for 1,640 hours or more;Örebro study OR 2.18, Interphone OR 1.96.

Similar results were thus obtained in both studies if the same criteria were used in the analysis, that is

type of phone (only mobile),

cumulative number of hours for use,

age group, and

anatomical localisation of the brain tumour compared with exposure to microwaves from the mobile phone.

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