L’Islam ci ama tantissimo

Posted on novembre 13, 2010


Afghanistan Kabula 2 morti – Shahid suicide bomber sends two Afghans to Allah.

Pakistan – Karachi 19 morti Tehreek-i-Taliban suicide bombers drive an explosives-laden vehicle into a police station, killing at least nineteen.
Pakistan – Peshawar 2 morti A women and her daughter are crushed to death in their own home by a Taliban rocket attack.
Dagestan – Makhachkala 7 morti Muslim rebels attack and kill seven cops.

Iraq – Baghdad 6 morti Islamists blast Christian areas of Baghdad with bombs and mortars, killing at least six.
Iraq – Mosul 1 morto A young girl is taken down by Muslim gunmen.
Iraq – Iskandariya 3 morti Mujhideen murder three brothers with a bomb hidden at a water pump.
Afghanistan – Khost 1 morto A suicide bomber takes out an Afghan cop.
India – Pattan 2 morti Islamic militants brutally shoot two security personnel to death at point blank range in a market.

Thailand – Pattani 1 morto A Buddhist man is murdered by Muslim gunmen.
Afghanistan – Uruzgan 7 morti Religious extremists attack a police station, killing at least seven inside.
Thailand – Pattani 1 morto A 17-year-old boy is ambushed and killed by Mujahideen.
Afghanistan – Paktia 1 morto A Taliban road mine takes out a local official.
Thailand – Narathiwat 1 morto A woman is gunned down by Islamic insurgents.

Afghanistan – Lashkar Gah 1 morto Hardliners manage to kill a civilian with a bomb hidden in a handcart.
Thailand – Yala 1 morto A 38-year-old villager is shot to death by Muslim militants while grazing his cattle.
Iraq – Najaf 8 morti Sunnis set off a pair of bombs at a Shia shrine, taking down eight innocents.
Iraq – Karbalah 14 morti 14 Shia pilgrims are slaughtered by Sunni terrorists in an attack on their bus.
Iraq Basra 13 morti 13 people are blown to bits by a Jihadi car bomb in a commercial district.

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